We are a leading company in the market, renowned for our extraordinary innovative, flexible and proactive skills. We work on each and every aspect of hotel business.

We help our portfolio hotels in Human Resources including staff managing, legal and labor negotiations, fulfillment, benefits management, recruiting and training.
Properties are supervised, analyzed and directed in all accounting areas. We use USALI (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry) for managing results and reporting business outcomes and financial balances to proprietors.
We optimize revenues maximizing our RevPAR. We use an RMS (Revenue Management System), enabling us to manage rates and inventory in real time and meet budget planned objectives. We make KPIs follow up through PowerBI.
We have our own technological management systems to get and analyze real time outcomes for our operating, logistics, marketing and sales teams to make coordinated and effective decisions.
Our sales strategy is to have several channels focusing on Direct Sales. With a Sales Team specialized in the Corporate world, T&T and Events, our marketing strategy is based on 4 foundations: Positioning, Brand Engagement, Transformation and Customized Experience Generation in our properties.
A specialized professional group focuses on managing the most delicate variables in operations: meeting high service standards, asset preservation, thorough cost control and biosafety regulations, key to meet business units efficiency.