Additional services besides hotel operations.

Our team works with our customers during each and every stage of the organizing process. Our rooms, located in the countryside, city or sea, are adapted to every type of event. We provide customized assessments creating unique memories, unforgettable moments and stylish celebrations. + Info:
Strategic locations meet your company's needs: offices, meeting rooms, coworking places and ball rooms. We provide comprehensive organizing services including equipment and excellent food services ensuring your meeting or event success. + Info:
Supporting long-term sustainability and success we identify, analyze and reduce any negative impact. We plan and develop back-up plans for each hotel critical process to smoothly work through any possible contingency. aadesa® is a synonym of continuity, response and effectiveness.
Hotel opening process includes an endless list of required activities to get to a successful opening day. This process requires knowledge and tasks coordination to meet deadlines and efficiently manage procurement.
We work side by side with investors and proprietors generating an efficient negotiation with selected brands to achieve better conditions in order to optimize efficient conditions and potentiate profitability.
Assuming the brand is the outfit dressing each property according to its profile, identity and strategy, we help investors and proprietors in their brand choosing process to potentiate hotel profile.
We maximize hotel efficiency, eliminating unnecessary spaces in the design process and, at the same time, potentiating existing spaces accompanying the concept and preserving project DNA and identity.
Feasibility research processed information determines if a project is doable and which are its strengths and weaknesses. This research is done with different variables to reach the best and most accurate investment decisions, analyzing financial scenarios and preparing the project cash flow.
Market Research is done to understand how the target audience or project market respond to a new project. Key aspects such as rates and potential sales in various target markets are analyzed, understanding market demand to define which is the perfect product to meet the audience's demand.
aadesa® provides comprehensive hotel management services. Our experience, innovation, efficiency and strategic growth commitment together with our professional team result in successful operations throughout hotel project developments.
Developing each and every aspect of hotel business is our best job. We are a leading hotel company, renowned for our extraordinary innovative, flexible and proactive skills.